Purifi Audio

Purifi Audio
Our motivation and mission:
We are all passionate about music and our goal is to remove all technical limitations in the enjoyment of reproduced music. We attack the biggest limitations first and move to the next. Presently, we focus our R&D on loudspeaker drivers as the by far biggest overall quality limiter and the audio power amplifier which until now has been the weakest link in the electronics chain.
Our methods and principles:
We believe in the importance of deep understanding of the problems at hand before trying to solve them. We believe in the value of developing and verifying accurate mathematical models that allows fast virtual prototyping and ‘fail-fast-forward’. We build what we simulate and simulate what we build. We are fluent in analog and digital as well as all the domains of electromagnetics, mechanics and acoustics.
Our values:
We believe that all that matters for the sound quality can be measured although we often have to develop new measurement methods that are indicative of the subjective sound quality. We direct all R&D efforts on such measurable metrics. If this does not agree with the listening results we improve our objective metrics.
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