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Dayton Audio’s experienced team of designers places a high value on technical excellence, product reliability, and consistency of electro-acoustical performance. Our 20+ years of inspired, rational engineering has led to international acclaim by the loudspeaker community in particular. Never, in the pursuit of our audio goals, do we compromise on functionality or quality control.
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Innovation. Value. Quality. Aren’t these what you want in an audio product? There’s no reason to settle for anything less. Dayton Audio’s mission is to calibrate a fine balance between technology and art in order to exceed our customers’ expectations. Competitive costs and after-sale support also feature heavily in Dayton Audio’s vision of excellence. Our engineering team collaborates with OEM/ODM partners in order to create optimized, personalized product platforms.

For over two decades, Dayton Audio has specialized in audio components, particularly the field of loudspeaker design and production. While most of the engineering and development work is performed in the US, Dayton Audio goods are manufactured in North America, Europe, and Asia. This synchrony offers benefits of quality, logistics, and performance without compromise. Throughout the years, Dayton Audio products have received acclaim worldwide and are often compared favorably to similar items costing far more.