Seas Excel Graphene loudspeakers

The latest technologies have been applied at SEAS and we have developed a new Graphene Nano-material in cooperation with a leading research institutein Europe. Thisis added to the coating, which ensures better audio performance as well as better corrosion protection.The development of the new Excel Graphene solution has been ongoing for more than 2 years, required investment intest equipment beyond 100.000 USD, and the solution has been in-situ tested in various places of the worldwith high humidity, like inplaces from Singapore to Spain.
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Graphene was initially discovered in the 1960s, then re-discovered around 2004 when characterized as a wonder-material, due to its spectacular properties on a Nano-scale. To benefit from these properties in our macro-scale world, Graphene must be “enabled” to facilitate the application. To put it in layman’s terms, you cannot just sprinkle some Graphene over your loudspeaker and expect an improvement.Graphene must be dispersed evenly and not clog together, because then it loses its properties and instead retains the properties of Graphite (nick named fake Graphene).The corrosion protection of Graphene seems controversial, because Graphene is indeed electrically conductive and should instead add to a faster transport of electrons and oxidization. The corrosion protection is a result of the insulation between the Nano-particles of Graphene, and in particular a double-insulation gives outstanding corrosion protection. Finally, to bring Graphene from the laboratory into industrial application, reasonably high quantity production is needed, without compromising quality.