Seas Titan Prestige

The new Seas Titanium product line of the Seas Prestige series, features an FEA-optimized magnet system with copper caps and rings and voice coil former made of titanium, also in the tweeters. The combination of matte black aluminum diaphragms and protective domes emphasize the high-quality appearance. In the past, only the Seas White Diamond tweeter used titanium voice coil former to ensure very high power handling. The non-conductive voice coil former does not add any damping to the movement. This enables dynamic sound and precise transmission of signals. The very low mechanical and electromagnetic damping provide high quality reproduction of even the finest micro details in music. At the same time, the high-performance titanium voice coil former and its connection to the diaphragm have a very high power output suitable for modern amplifiers (e.g. Class-D). As a result, the driver has exceptionally high dynamic range, which the lightweight and rigid aluminum cone or dome converts into clean and undistorted sound suitable for modern high-res audio.
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