Speakerbuddies? - Yes, Speakerbuddies!
Because our customers and we have one thing in common:
the joy of excellent sound! After all, we have been a partner for all matters concerning loudspeaker parts, loudspeaker chassis, loudspeaker accessories, sound products and electronic components for almost 50 years. And it will stay that way! We are part of I.T. Intertechnik Kerpen GmbH and focus on contemporary service for the private audio fan.

And loudspeaker kits?
For those who want particularly individual loudspeakers for their home cinema set-up or stereo project, www.lautsprecherbau.de remains the first port for you.

And the Intertechnik brand?
The Intertechnik brand will of course continue to exist! Our dealers and loudspeaker manufacturers will still find the proven Intertechnik component programme at www.intertechnik-components.de.